Hiroyuki Kusuda, ein Geisenheimer Alumnus, studierte 1997 in Geisenheim Weinbau und Oenologie.  Heute betreibt er erfolgreich ein Weingut in Neuseeland.

Ein Bericht von Jancis Robinson in The Financial Times vom 23. Mai 2009 zeigt die wichtige Bedeutug Geisenheims in der globalen Weinwirtschaft:

„The next step was to acquire a proper, international winemaking education, preferably in English. Kusuda applied to Davis in California and Roseworthy in Australia but was not impressed by how much extra they wanted to charge foreign students. Geisenheim in Germany was more welcoming – although when he applied he couldn’t even count in German. With a determination that should by now be evident, he raced through the Geisenheim course and delivered his thesis, on the effect of different sorts of clarification on yeast activity, on December 1 2000, eight days before the birth of his second child.

Kusuda headed for New Zealand to work as an assistant to his friend Kai Schubert, who had been a few years ahead of him at Geisenheim. This led him to the tiny town of Martinborough, which has become a gourmet mecca for North Islanders in spite of a population of not much more than 1,000.“

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