„For those that are lucky to know that they want to pursue a career in the wine industry so early, there are several world-renowned programs in which they might matriculate. These include the U.S.’s UC Davis (and as an alumna, I have to add, the newly launched program at Cornell), France’s Faculte d’Oenologie de Bordeaux and Germany’s Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute.“ , so berichtet Tracy Ellen Kamens, Ed.D., DWS, CWE is Chief Education Officer and Co-Owner of Grand Cru Classes.


gcc-logo-headAbout me
Tracy Ellen Kamens, Ed.D., DWS, CWE is Chief Education Officer and Co-Owner of Grand Cru Classes, a wine education business, which provides classes and tasting events for consumers and wine professionals. After spending nearly 20 years in higher education, most recently at New York University, Tracy was able to combine her passion for teaching

with her love of wine.

As an avid reader of Agatha Christie, Tracy heeds Hercule Poirot’s admonishment to use “the little grey cells” also known as grey matter. Through the Grapematter blog, Tracy endeavors to provide educational content about wine, wine regions and her life in wine, which she hopes readers will find engaging and entertaining. The world of wine is continually evolving and changing, so there is always something new to learn or explore.

A consummate educator, Tracy believes strongly in both academic knowledge and quality teaching skills. Thus, in addition to her years of experience training faculty members to become better educators, she has pursued and earned significant credentials in wine including the Wine & Spirits Education Trust’s rigorous Diploma of Wine and Spirits (with Merit), along with its Intermediate and Advanced Certificates (with Distinction). She also achieved the Society of Wine Educators’ Certified Wine Educator and Certified Wine Specialist credentials and holds the titles of International Bordeaux Educator and Hellenic Wine Ambassador. Additionally, she participated in the Napa Valley Vintners’ Wine Educators’ Academy and Wine Australia’s AUSWise Program.

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