(Translation by Sophie Alice Schmitt)

As in previous years, the “Pre-Study”-Project is preparing international applicants for their academic studies. The participants are doing their internships in the Rheingau at the moment. Amanda Cheng from China has been learning practical skills in the Vineyard Wegeler in Oestrich-Winkel since March for her degree course “Internationale Weinwirtschaft”. She will be staying with Wegeler until the harvest, under the guidance of Michael Burgdorf, the manager of the vineyard in Oestrich-Winkel. The family who owns the vineyard, Wegeler-Drieseberg, also runs another vineyard in Bernkastel and is partner in the vineyard Krone in Assmannshausen.

At the moment there are another three trainees working together with Amanda in the company. Amanda’s interest in Germany emerged from her German language and literature studies and long stays in the country, where she also got to know other German wine regions.

What kind of challenges await Amanda in the internship? IMG_5610

Amanda will learn about all the various processes involved in wine production. She likes working outside – planting new vineyards, training the vines, canopy management. In addition, she enjoys working in the cellar on the various jobs such as helping with the Cuvée-making, as well as labeling and packaging the wines. She appreciates the support she gets from the team which is helpful and happy to answer any questions she may have. Amanda is pleased to be able to help out with the wine-selling and the preparation for autumn, and a special highlight for her will be some forthcoming wine tastings with Chinese groups.

Michael Burgdorf finds it very important that his interns try out a new task evey single day because this is the only way they will develop a general understanding of the complex processes and methods.

Amanda is hoping that she will be able to integrate the practical experiences she has gathered in her internship into her academic studies and is very much looking forward to the winter semester. As wine production is becoming more and more important in China, Amanda would like to work in the professional wine trading section after getting her bachelor degree.

Next year, the International Office will again be supporting international applicants in their preparation for German language degree courses. If you are interested and fulfill all the requirements, why not get further information and send us your application.

Applications and questions: Lisa-Marie Peters, pre-study@hs-gm.de

For further information visit: www.hs-geisenheim.de/pre-study

Vineyard Wegeler: www.wegeler.com

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