We would like to make your life in Germany easier. We believe that the road could be a bit bumpy when arriving in a new country.

  • You might be curious about meeting fellow students, doing voluntary work, talking business, learning languages and more about the region and its people?
  • You might think about staying for a while in Germany after graduation?
  • Where to find and how to get in touch with the right people?

For you we have invited many experts from companies, associations, institutions and the university for you to meet up with. There you will have the opportunity to address issues, get answers, or have an informal chat. The event will take place on November 10 from 12:30 to 5 p.m. in the Aula.  Drinks and snacks will be served.

These are the different areas of expertise for you:

  Table 1 – Recreation and voluntary work in the community

This provides information about sport in Geisenheim and at the university, as well as voluntary work available in the region for students. A group of fellow international students and the AStA also will be present.

Table 2 – Scholarships and key skills

Information about scholarships, our mentoring program and workshops. If you found out about scholarships you find interesting or you are interested in developing a special skill, please let us know.

Table 3 – Job and internship offers, knowledge sharing about international business

Companies and wineries are looking forward to your questions and to sharing information about what is important regarding entering the German job market (student jobs, internships, jobs after graduation).

Table 4 – Job mediators for job networks, self-employment and company succession

This is about job networks, founding a company or company succession. What is possible and where you can get support to start your own business or find a job in Germany.

Table 5 – Language course advice and extra-curricular activities

Information about language courses offered by the university and other providers in the region, also extra-curricular activities regarding globally important international topics with World University Service and STUBE Hessen.

Table 6 – Advice on immigration in Germany

Would you like to know what you have to do in order to live and work in Germany? Experts from all areas of immigration expertise are interested in your feedback and questions connected with immigration in Germany.

Please register for the event in StudIP. Search for the event “Shape Your Future in German Business” and register. Find the complete agenda as a download here.

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